Christmas Presents for My Furry Babies

photo collage by Sandra Bossowska

Christmas is only few days away and I have to confess, I have been online shopping for my doggies like mad and did not even get one thing for my Fiance yet!!! I know... shame on me but I could not resist especially that I have been looking for those products for ages and when I finally found them I could not let go :)

First things first... the Piddle Place Pet Relief System that my dogs have been using for about two weeks now. Bessie my eldest has a rare liver condition (Portosystemic Shunt) that also affects other organs and because of that her bladder has gotten very week over last couple of years and she needs to go to toilet every hour or so. Till recently we had a tray that I have removed from an old kennel and we were covering it with a towel but that has gotten very inefficient as I had to change towels few time a day which was not only pain in the hole but also we were doing hell lot of washing which was a waste of energy, detergents and water. Of course, she still didn't get the idea of using it fully but it is only because the texture of the "grass" is not familiar to her (it's like a rubber) so I kept a towel on top so hopefully soon enough she will wee wee without any hesitation.

photos from http://www.piddleplace.com/piddleplace/

The product itself is very well though throughout in my opinion and believe you me I have been looking for something like that for very long time.
It is very innovative, environmentally friendly, practical, easy to empty and clean and also great for traveling as it has a cover to it. It comes wit Bio treatments for the tray and for the grass bit as well to keep it fresh and odorless (due to essential oils)

photo by Sandra Bossowska

I personally think that it is a fantastic idea for doggies that are alone at home for long hours because their guardians are at work or for ones that like my Bessie that have bladder problems.
I found it on 2Tech.co.uk which is a website in UK that sells those and despite the price I think the Piddle Place is way worth it!!

photo by https://tractive.com/en

Secondly, I managed to get cruelty free (non shock!!) vibrating Pet Remote from TRACTIVE for my Benji who is my deaf baby that me and my fiance adopted 2 years ago from NWSPCA.
Unfortunately, he was born deaf so we cannot do anything about it other than try to catch his attention by waving our limbs like maniacs, which not always works especially when he is fixated on other doggies therefore he is always on the extendable lead. It does break my heart as he is very energetic, playful and loves to say hello to everyone out there while we are walking so I had an idea to buy him a vibrating collar and train him to look at me whenever I want him to come back. It is such a simple and cool device (attaches to the collar) that you connect to an app on your iPhone or Android (download is free) and every time you want to use it just press the button and it vibrates , makes sound (if doggie is not deaf) or both :) The price is very appealing as it is only €24.99, delivery was fast and it is also water splash proofed which is great considering that we live in Ireland :D Oh... and they do GPS tracking devices for animals as well :O
I haven't started training Benji yet but I will definitely let you know about the progress in 
near future :p

photo by http://www.frolicat.com/

Thirdly, you have no idea how crazy Benji is about shadows or laser pointers!!! We could not believe when we have first seen the behavior which made us laugh soooo hard that we decided to buy a laser pointer but we went through lot's of them during those 2 years he is with us. Unfortunately, they only last few days and then the battery dies and after replacing them it never worked the same. Then my friend from Cork posted a video of her kitty playing with the FROLICAT BOLT laser toy which automatically made me want one for Benji. It is a fantastic present for any cat or dog that likes chasing shadows or any type of lights and it will give them hours of great fun which of course is great for their mental and physical health. 

What I like about it is that it switches itself off after 15 minutes to allow the animal to catch their breath and have a sip of water. You either leave it on any flat surface or hold it in your hand and it also has an adjustable head button depending on how far you want the laser to go. It only costed me about €27.00 which I think is a great price.

photos by Sandra Bossowska

Lastly, I have bought them very cosy and cute pijamas... and yes, I am one of those people who are crazy about their dogs, treat them like kids and from time to time I like to buy them clothes :) Milo was the lucky one cos his pijama was delivered first and he was a bit unsure and froze for a while but after bribing him with banana he got use to it pretty fast. The other two pijamas came a week after but they have notified me that it will happens so it was ok. You can many cute doggy pj's on amazon or ebay for as low as €5.00 so why the heck not!

I'm wondering if there is any people out thereondering if there is any people out there who LOVE spoiling their furry babies as much as I do?!? Let me know in the comments below :)