Cruelty Free vs Vegan

I am obsessed with beauty and every day use products but I make sure all of them are cruelty free and vegan. I think it is very important for help people to understand what is the difference between cruelty free and vegan :)

Not all cruelty free products are animal friendly as they do have animal ingredients or animal derived ingredients in them that often require life full of pain or even death of the animal eg. silk (silkworms are boiled alive) or carmine (crushed beetles, often found in makeup products like lipsticks or blush but also in many food products).
I recommend PETA's very detailed animal ingredient list if you want to make sure you do not smother yourself in animal secretions ;p

Anyways... on the other hand not all vegan products are cruelty free... I know it is very annoying but you will get your head around it I promise ;)

You see, some companies proud themselves that they don't test on animals but the reality is that many of those companies don't test in EU (there are many loops in this law as well so don't take it as a 100%)  but because they sell their products in countries outside of EU, the laws are much different and the animal testing is obligatory like in China, Japan. 
Companies like Lavera, Urban Decay, Victoria Secret etc

Also some smaller companies are sold to bigger concerns like The Body Shop who belongs to L'Oreal which means that their parent/sister company is testing on animals and some of the money your are spending on their products go towards this ancient and cruel practice of animal testing!

When I search for beauty or household products I firstly make sure the company is 100% cruelty free and secondly I look for Vegan products that it may have in their lines. It is a huge bonus of course if the company is indeed 100% vegan which makes things much easier when buying as I don't have to check their vegan list or try to figure out which product is vegan  by looking at ingredients. Most of those companies already have a vegan list that you can either find on their website or get from them by sending an email.

Look for these logos on the products:

I do a lot of research to be honest before I buy anything and the main websites I would look for information's are:

♥ the company own website, locations, philosophy

♥ google search, blogs, forums

If I am not sure I usually send them an email consisting of all the questions I need answers to and that also helps me to decide if the company is 100% vegan and cruelty free or not.


Everyone makes mistakes from time to time so if you bought product that you discovered is not vegan, try to return it or present it to someone you know that will enjoy it :)



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