September Favorite: Cedar wood insoles from Zederna

photo: vegan sandy

Hello my Lovelies :)

Couple of months ago I have been contacted by lovely Sarah from Zederna who asked me to try the 100% natural & vegan cedar wood shoe insoles (how crazy is that!)

They have been kind enough to give me my size as well as my partners size too ♥

I don't know about you but I am definitely one of those people who get super excited about trying out new and quite uncommon products that are cruelty free and vegan :) 

After watching the video and reading about the health benefits of the Zederna cedar wood insoles 
I decided to give it a go!

"Our hand-crafted cedar wood shoe insoles are made from 100% natural materials. 
These materials ––a cedar wood-cotton mix –– offer a simple, elegant
and effective solution for keeping your feet
and shoes dry, fresh and healthy.

When you step into a pair of Cedar Soles, the cedar wood cotton mix efficiently absorbs and contains any excess moisture, leaving your feet, socks and shoes dry and comfortable. 
When you take your shoes off, the cedar wood naturally releases this moisture into the air. 
Meanwhile, natural chemicals in cedar wood keep bacteria from forming. 
As a result, your feet and shoes stay fresh and fragrant."

"ZEDERNA Cedar Wood Insoles are 100% natural made from a very thin layer of cedar wood on top of a stabilising cotton layer. This unique design makes these shoe insoles very flexible, comfortable, and prevents them from splintering."


"Cedar Wood Shoe Insoles absorb sweat and foot moisture keeping your in-shoe environment comfortable, dry, and healthy. Cedar wood’s natural anti-bacterial properties help to prevent and cure foot and shoe odor as well as common foot woes such as athlete’s foot and fungal infections of the nails and toes. In addition, cedar wood essential oils effuse a pleasant scent and have a shoe deodorizing effect."


I don't want to be gross here but I do have a very mild form of warts on my feet.
 As you all probably know, the weather in Ireland is not the best (and driest!) so my feet spend most of their time in synthetic, vegan, closed shoes which is a perfect moist, dark and humid place for fungus to develop. 
Since using Zederna cedar wood insoles the condition of my feet has greatly improved 
and most of the warts are gone :D

My feet are less smelly and even the shoes itself have a very pleasant cedar wood scent to them.

They can be worn up to 3 months before they start loosing their health properties which I think is long enough period to help treating any fungus or Athlete's Foot.

They are made to size so there is no need for cutting and making a mess of the whole thing 
(we all cut the wrong line once or twice!)

You can swap them from shoe to shoe without any hassle but you can also use a double sided tape 
to make sure it does not move when running, exercising etc.

The are very flexible, water thin, pleasant to wear even without socks 
and make shoes look classy and elegant!

photo: vegan sandy

The price might be a little pricey for some as they are starting at 15.00 Euros for a pair +shipping cost but I think a good pair of vegan shoes is an investment and we want to maintain them as best as possible and that means the inside environment of your shoes is better to be kept dry & fungus free :)
...and of course who doesn't want to have healthy and gorgeous looking feet?!

Zederna insoles are currently an offer when you buy 3 you will get 15% off and when you buy 5 you will get 25% off the order. 


The Zederna Cedar Wood Insoles are a great invention, designed to keep your feet healthy 
and odor free. The insoles not only help your feet but also keep your shoes fresh and dry!
I have been using the insoles in my ballerinas, flats, hills and working shoes and they always performed as expected which is fabulous to see and feel :)

I will be definitely repurchasing!!!

My partner only started using them recently so I can't give you his opinion yet but I will definitely share it as soon he makes his mind up about them ;)


There is so many amazing vegan companies out there that are not discovered yet and I think 
it is very important to share your views and reviews with the vegan community to spread the message and encourage other to bring their vegan ideas to life! 

Have you ever tried Zederna Cedar wood insoles or any other wood insoles?
What do you think of them?




Note: The product featured in this post was provided by the Representative of the Zederna company.
Please note that my review is 100% genuine and a product would not receive a positive review if it didn't meet my expectations.