Chocoholics Beware!!!

Warning!!!! If you'r craving for chocolate ... RUN and don't read any further!!!

On the serious note these two that I'm about to introduce you to are the top class chocolate bars I have tried so far :D 

Magic Mayan is Irish owned company from Co. Clare that makes luxury Handmade Raw Chocolate bars that are made out of Cacao (not cocoa which is very much processed) and are dairy, gluten and soya free. You can find them all over the country in health stores and as far as I am aware only one of their bars in not Vegan because it contains Bee Pollen but don't worry cos you still have 13 more to choose from!!! 

I have picked up my Raspberry Randezvous at the First Vegan Festival in Dublin that was on the 1st of November and I have to tell you it was like a slice of heaven... no seriously, the combination of dark sweet chocolate with slightly sour raspberry layer is one of the best combinations ever!

The price €3.50 might be a little bit steep but for the quality and deliciousness I am willing to splurge a little from time to time... just because I'm worth it ;) 

You can visit their website http://www.magicmayan.com/ to look for the stockists near you or you can purchase online.

photo by Sandra Bossowska

The second Chocolate Bar that stole my heart (and stomach) is without the doubt the VEGO Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar. It's organic, fair trade and gluten free creamy hazelnut chocolate made in Germany that brings back a lot of childhood memories and tastes :) I don't want to say it but look at the size of it!!! It's soooo creamy that it melts in your mouth and the whole hazelnuts are crunchy and full of flavour.  

For this bar you also pay around €3.50 and you can easy share with your friends as it is almost impossible to eat the whole thing at once! 

I know it is available in many places across Ireland so off you go and when you find it just let me know so I can share it with others :)

photo by Sandra Bossowska

* I would like to thank very much Frontier Foods  for sending me this delicious chocolate bar. I can assure you it was tested on human who takes chocolate very seriously :) 

With Love,



  1. Loved both especially the rasberry Mayan one

    1. Me too <3 I'm so happy that The Good Earth in Kilkenny stocks them up :)

  2. Loved both especially the rasberry Mayan one